Emigdio is a 31-year old Mexican Filmmaker, former Mathematician and someday Magician. He developed his love for films when he took his father’s camera and erased some family tapes. Currently working in the advertising industry for major brands such as Honda, VISA, Samsung, Netflix, Telcel, PepsiCo, to name a few. His signature is to make every project unique and different, constantly planning how to shoot new formats with a fresh and innovative vision.

His most recent project “Slow Bullet” defines his statement against gender inequality and sexual harassment  winning international attention in film festivals where his piece was a finalist in the recent Vienna Film Festival.

Selected Works

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Camera & Techniques
  • Slow Bullet - A Film About Sexual Harassement
  • New Honda Civic 2016 - DC
  • Slow Bullet - Trailer
  • Honda Accord Sport - Get There Faster
  • VisaPlatinum-Concierge
  • WeChat - Belinda
  • BTS - Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Battery - Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Honda CR-V 2017 - Director DC
  • Memory - Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Dual Pixel - Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Visa - Inbound
  • Scotiabank - Banca Premium
  • Scotiabank - Anthem DC
  • OPPO-TelcelArte
  • Epurita - Disfraces
  • Custo - Barcelona Fashion
  • Cremax - Chava
  • Crime Cutz - Rollerskating
  • Cremax - Chavo
  • Funerarias J. García Lopez - Case Study