Kevin divides his time between Madrid, Mexico City and Los Angeles, he is a citizen of the world, he is half Irish and half Spanish and his accent takes you back to a smoky pub in Ireland with friends you have not seen in ages. He has a great eye for finding the subtleties that surround us but only few can see.

Studies a degree in History of Art and after that it was clear that cinema and photography were his objetives in life.

Kevin ́s passionate about portraying emotions for his intention is to impact and transmit a message to our spectators, the one we want, the one we need, always through our story telling
His motivations are to explore new narratives and imagery through camera and acting and to generate an atmosphere where team work flows on set between agency, clients and crew.

Selected Works

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Visual Storytelling
  • Volkswagen Tiguan - What for?
  • Cadillac ATS - Dare Greatly
  • Harley Davidson - Cafe Racer
  • Mahou 0,0 - Tostada (Director's Cut)
  • Old Times (Branded Film)
  • LALA - Director's Cut
  • Orange - Wifi
  • R.U.T.A. MX - Reconstrucción México
  • Harley Davidson - La Carretera
  • Cadillac - Dare Greatly (Director's Cut)
  • Iberdrola - A Change of Mindset
  • Harley Davidson - One Day