Lisandro Grané hails from Argentina and he has been fascinated with green things and moving pictures for most of his life. Lisandro is the founder of “Un árbol para mi vereda” (a tree for my path) an organization that helps improve the urban landscape of cities across Argentina by planting and caring for trees. Lisandro studied Film and Audio Visual Production as well as Tree Production and Management, and worked as a Producer, AD, and Director of Photography for a decade until finally settling into his role as a Director. He has been directing, Commercials, Documentaries, and music videos for the better part of a decade.

His passion is the quality of his life and that of everyone around him, and his work on behalf of his community and his country has gained international recognition and support. Lisandro puts as much love into his work as a director, as he does for his trees.

He is married and is the father of two children.

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Table Top
  • Carnesazo con Canelo
  • Unicenter - Ositos
  • Hazlo Todo Con Daisy
  • Daisy - Va Bien Con Todo