Silvestre’s first steps were taken at CineTauro, he first worked in production and as he matured moved on to camera working as a DP for various local production companies and in 2002 started his career as a director, directing his first spot for MTV. Since then he has directed work for some of the most recognized brands and companies in the world such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, Kodak, Splenda, Denny’s and LAN Airlines among others.

His narrative style, his subtle handling of aesthetics and his great expertise in working with actors has resulted in highly aesthetic comedic and emotional deliveries. His father is a renowned director in Argentina and this may well be one of those cases in which the pupil surpasses the teacher. Although his specialty is in directing comedy, like his father he has the innate ability to produce great emotional pieces as well.

Silvestre has become one of the most recognized directors in Argentina and is quickly gaining ground in his other markets. He is an award-winning director and has received many awards and accolades, in 2007 he won the coveted “Gold” in Cannes for his Dietrich interactive campaign.

He is represented in Spain by Continental Producciones, In Mexico by Shooters Mexico and in the US by Shooters Films USA.

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  • Nido - Growing Up