Diego Lozano is a 28-year-old Mexican-American director with a wide-ranging profile expressed through commercials, commercial videos, and films. Born in Monterrey, Mexico and raised in Austin, Texas, Diego is completely bilingual and bicultural.

Diego’s portfolio is a testament to his unique style and vision, having worked with international brands such as Universal, BMG, Sony Music, VICE, Heineken, Corona, Nescafe, and Sam’s Club. He has a remarkable ability to create films that resonate with diverse audiences across cultures, spanning commercials, music videos, and short films.

Diego Lozano is a highly versatile and multi-stylistic director, with his advanced knowledge of post-production techniques and technical focus, he is able to adapt his skills to any project, from the most intricate narratives to the most visually dynamic tabletops.

Diego’s youthful and visually striking body of work resonates with today’s visual culture, engaging audiences across various formats, and speaking to the digital culture where visual storytelling is crucial to capturing audiences’ attention.

Selected Works

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Music Video
Table Top
  • Cerveza Bohemia DC
  • Cerveza Sol - Cocobocinas
  • Harpic - Lavanda DC
  • Chips Ahoy - Happiest Birtday DC
  • Corona - Agua Rifada DC
  • Maneikis x Mike Fortu x Carlos Ramirez - Concussion
  • Pura Piraña - Tearraza feat. Danna Paola
  • Kranky - Keep Flowing