Fer Arzate was born in Mexico City in 1970. Just think of all those 70’s shows which influenced his upbringing and his perception of the world; that alone gives him ultimate coolness which complements his directorial style. He studied Graphic Design in Mexico City but soon left for London where he studied film direction and photography at the famed London International Film School. Upon his return to Mexico City he started his career assisting some of the top advertising directors like Simon Bross and later Fred Clapp of Cine Concepto, it was here that he became a director. Eighteen years later and having worked with the leading production companies in Mexico where today he is represented by Rebolucion Fer is ready for his next chapter and plans to conquer the US Market.

He is a firm believer that painting is very similar to directing, it is fundamental to be a good artist first because this will allow you to convert a simple idea into a masterpiece and second because it gives you the freedom to make each frame tell a story in a most compelling way.

To represent what the mind is saying by the use of images is always a challenge, but Fer is always up for a challenge especially when it comes to telling stories, he knows all too well that in the end the idea is the most important part in this creation.

Fer has directed over 300 commercials for brands such as UBER, BBVA, GM, Banamex, PEPSICO, Coca-Cola, Bimbo, Bud Light, Jeep, Lorea’l, Nestlé, Televisa, Oreo, TV Azteca, Home Depot, Tetra Pak, La Costeña, Pilgrim’s, Picot, and Garnier among others.

Selected Works

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Table Top
  • box azteca - el encuentro
  • Chevy - Let's Talk Affordability
  • Chevy - Let's Talk Range
  • Cinemex - NFL
  • Salde Uvas Picot - Taco De Lengua
  • CPSC - 500 Cars
  • Banamex - Tarjetas DC
  • Pilgrim's - Cambio de planes
  • uber - family
  • Jumex - 60 años
  • KERMATO - Diferente por fuera (Co-Directed)
  • TETRAPACK - Hermano Mayor
  • Dodge Attitude - Pan
  • La Costeña - Ofrendados