Fausto Teran’s first love is film, he has built a career in this art and film has made him one of the most sought after directors in Latin America. He is the founder of Toro Films a company he has led for over a decade which is responsible for the life he has today. Born in 1975 he was influenced by the world he grew up in and fought his way to the top literally and figuratively and into the world he created for himself a world surrounded by beauty art and cinema. He studied film in New York University and graduated with a degree in Visual Arts. He has specialized in acting direction at the Herbert Bergdorf Studio and Postproduction at Open I Media.

Fausto has directed well over 300 commercials and has won a number of awards and accolades for his work all over the world in some of the most important festivals like Cannes and New York Festival. He has also been interviewed multiple times and has been in numerous articles for his work.

Although his first love will always be film, his success as an entrepreneur and his incredible vision have made him an even better director. Today Fausto is still directing film but he is also directing his growing empire of Japoneza Retreats which allow him the luxury of picking his projects and immersing in them fully. His new career as an Architect and developer has won him articles in not only Forbes but also in some of the top design magazines and publications in the world. His Japoneza Retreats have been nominated for “Obra del Año” in 2022 and 2023 as well as Best Building of the year by Arch Daily and he is only just beginning.

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  • Pepsi - Moderatto
  • Angeles Azules + Belinda - Amor a Primera Vista
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  • BERGER - Indeleble
  • AT&T - BOGO
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  • CC VACUNA - Pareja