Matt was born and raised in NorCal. In his early 20’s Matt hit the road in a big way living in Paris, then hitchhiking through Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Finally landing in LA he DP’ed about a million indie films and music videos. One thing led to another and he began shooting and directing commercials, making a name for himself with his lyrically beautiful truth based work.

Matt’s worked recently in China, UK, Chile, Bolivia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, UAE, Argentina, Portugal, India, Brazil, Cuba, France, Namibia, Thailand, Japan – that’s all he can remember right now.

Matt’s a passionate foodie and a great cook. He’s been known to stop a tech scout to hit an outlaw taco stand. Lately he’s been playing with a sous vide cooker and maybe eating a bit too much meat.

Matt’s a recreational pilot and has a FAA part 107 Drone license too.

Selected Works

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Table Top
  • LifeCell - Poem
  • ketel One - The Ultimate Bloody Mary
  • Sony - Xtrabass Running
  • Sony Alpha A55 - Heliboarding
  • Sony HMD - Green Hornet
  • Lenovo - Mystique Design Story
  • Lenovo - Tamarind And Thyme
  • Lenovo - Christmas Magic
  • Ford Flex - Safe Skydiver
  • United Parcel Service - Marou: Chocolate Hunters of Vietnam
  • La Quinta - Best Friends Stay Free
  • Sony Nex6 - Alaska
  • Hamilton - Dad's First Flight
  • Sony - Action Cam - Hawaii
  • Samsung Galaxy C - Olympics
  • Nikon - Projectography
  • Otterbox - Dance
  • ThinkPad - Anthem
  • Lenovo - Library
  • Intel - Unto This Last
  • L'Oreal - Instant Nails
  • SuperPretzel - Pinterest Intervention
  • H-E-B - Bakery
  • H-E-B - Hecho
  • Super Pretzel - Blanket Fort
  • American Stroke Association - F.A.S.T.
  • SHARE it - Rock Band
  • Warrior - Zdeno Chara